You’re about to step into a storybook as you uncover Meknes, a city woven with more tales than the sands of the Sahara. Here, history isn’t just alive; it’s your personal playground. Navigate through the labyrinth of ancient streets, taste freedom in every spice-laden breeze, and embrace the authentic soul of Morocco. Gear up for a journey that defies time, and let Meknes reveal its imperial secrets to you. Adventure’s calling—will you answer?

Every visitor to Meknes, one of Morocco’s four imperial cities, is greeted by a tapestry of historic charm and cultural wealth that you’ll find enchanting from the moment you arrive. The Meknes architecture, a blend of Islamic and European styles, stands as a testament to the city’s storied past. As you wander the labyrinthine streets, you’re immersed in the grandeur of monumental gates and the subtlety of ornate tiles that adorn the medina’s walls.

Dig deeper, and you’ll find that Meknes is more than its visual splendor. It’s a city pulsating with life, especially evident when you’re swept up in the whirlwind of local festivals. These vibrant celebrations are a feast for the senses, brimming with the sounds of traditional music, the sight of folk dances, and the aromatic promise of street food that you’ll crave long after you’ve left.

In the heart of Meknes, artisan crafts thrive. Here, freedom takes the form of expression through intricate metalwork, woodworking, and weaving. You’re encouraged to lose yourself in the souks, where the rich tapestry of Moroccan life unfolds in the skilled hands of local artisans. Each piece you encounter tells a story—a narrative of centuries-old techniques passed down through generations.

And for the spiritual seeker, Meknes offers a glimpse into the mystical world of Sufi traditions. This ancient spiritual path is alive in the city’s zaouias and during Sufi music festivals. You’ll feel the call to introspection, to connect with something greater amidst the rhythm of dhikr and the poetry of prayer.

In Meknes, the allure of freedom is omnipresent, beckoning you to discover its secrets and make them your own.


Delving into Meknes’ history, you’ll uncover the city’s evolution from a Berber settlement to a grand imperial capital under Sultan Moulay Ismail. It’s a tale woven with the richness of diverse cultures and the indomitable spirit of its people.

Moulay Ismail’s reign marked the zenith of Meknes’ glory. As you wander through the city, you can’t help but marvel at the expansive walls and monumental gates that stand as a testament to his vision. The Sultan’s ambition was to forge an empire that rivaled the grandeur of contemporary European capitals, and in many ways, he succeeded.

The Jewish Mellah in Meknes speaks volumes about the city’s multi-ethnic past. Established during Moulay Ismail’s time, it was a thriving hub of trade and culture, where Jews lived in harmony with their Muslim neighbors, contributing to the city’s prosperity.

Roman influences are evident too, particularly in nearby Volubilis, an ancient city whose ruins remind you that empires rise and fall, but their legacies endure. The mosaics and structures there are a mosaic of Meknes’ storied past.

Berber heritage is the bedrock of Meknes’ identity. Despite the layers of history that have shaped the city, the Berber spirit remains, a symbol of the freedom and resilience that you seek.

Here’s a snapshot of Meknes’ historical milestones:

Epoch Event
Pre-11th Century Berber Settlement
1672-1727 Moulay Ismail’s Reign
18th Century Jewish Mellah Established
Roman Era Influence on Architecture
Present Celebration of Berber Heritage

In essence, Meknes is not just a city but a living chronicle, inviting you to explore the freedom of its past and the promise of its future.


Meknes sits strategically in the heart of Morocco, surrounded by fertile plains and nestled between the Atlas Mountains to the south and the Rif Mountains to the north. This positioning isn’t just a stroke of geographic luck; it’s the foundation of the city’s historical prosperity and enduring charm. The Meknes elevation, at around 540 meters above sea level, blesses it with a moderate climate that has shaped its lifestyle and agricultural practices.

  • Strategic Location
  • *Historical Significance*
  • Meknes’s position made it a pivotal military stronghold, guarding the routes between Fez and Marrakech.
  • *Trade and Agriculture*
  • As part of Morocco’s agricultural heartland, the city has long thrived on the cultivation of olives, grapes, and cereals, nourished by the fertile plains around it.
  • *Accessibility*
  • Its central location ensures Meknes is well-connected to other major cities and regions, offering you the freedom to explore without constraint.

The Roman influence is still palpable here, with the nearby ancient city of Volubilis providing a window into the past when this region was integral to Rome’s grain production. The fertile plains you see today are a continuation of that legacy, ensuring Meknes remains a vital hub for food production.

As you explore Meknes, you’ll feel the pulse of a city that’s been shaped by its geography. Its verdant surroundings, the crisp air from the mountains, and the rolling fields speak of a freedom that has been cultivated over millennia—a freedom that grows from the land itself and permeates every stone and alleyway in this majestic imperial city.


As you plan your journey to Meknes, understanding the city’s climate is key to a comfortable visit. Meknes enjoys a Mediterranean climate with distinct seasons, offering a different charm throughout the year. To capture the city at its best, you’ll want to know when the skies are clearest and the temperatures are most welcoming.


You’ll find a predominantly Mediterranean climate in Meknes, characterized by warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. This inviting weather sets the stage for a city alive with:

  • Meknes Festivals:
  • *International Animation Film Festival*: where creativity meets tradition.
  • *Sufi Cultural Festival*: experience mystical Sufi ceremonies.
  • *Harvest Festival*: celebrating the end of the agricultural season.

Meknes, MA
2:10 pm, Jul 24, 2024
temperature icon 43°C
few clouds
Humidity Humidity: 12 %
Pressure Pressure: 1013 mb
Wind Wind: 8 mph
Wind Gust Wind Gust: 9 mph
Clouds Clouds: 12%
Visibility Visibility: 0 km
Sunrise Sunrise: 6:27 am
Sunset Sunset: 8:28 pm

The climate fosters a year-round calendar of events, allowing you to immerse in contemporary Meknes while experiencing the timeless craftsmanship of local artisans. Whether you’re exploring the vibrant souks or enjoying open-air concerts, the city’s weather complements its cultural richness, promising freedom to wander and discover at your leisure. So pack for the season and dive into the heart of Moroccan heritage.

Best time to visit

To make the most of your trip, it’s best to visit Meknes during spring or fall when the weather is especially pleasant and the city’s events are in full swing. The Meknes festivals during these seasons are a vibrant showcase of local culture, offering you a chance to engage with local artisans whose craftsmanship is as warm as the Moroccan sun. Navigating the city is a breeze with various transportation options at your disposal, allowing you to explore at your own pace. Remember, embracing cultural etiquette is key to an enriching experience; a respectful nod to local customs paves the way for authentic interactions. Choose the right time, and Meknes will unveil its secrets to you, unfettered and alive.

Things to see / things to do in Meknes

As you wander through the heart of Meknes, the grand Bab Mansour gate stands as a testament to the city’s storied past, inviting you to explore the vibrant medina beyond. Don’t miss the chance to pay respects at the opulent Moulay Ismail Mausoleum, a masterpiece of Moroccan craftsmanship and reverence. For a touch of history, the Dar Jamai Museum offers a glimpse into the city’s rich cultural heritage, while the ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis just a short trip away promise an unforgettable journey back in time.

Bab Mansour

Standing before Bab Mansour, you’re witnessing one of Meknes’s architectural masterpieces, a gateway that seamlessly blends intricate Islamic designs with imposing strength. The Bab Mansour architecture is a testament to the skill and artistry of Moroccan craftsmen.

  • Bab Mansour Architecture
  • Zellij tilework that tells stories of the past
  • Majestic arches symbolizing the gateway to power
  • Delicate carvings that reveal the artisan’s touch
  • Gate Restoration Techniques
  • Traditional methods maintaining historical integrity
  • Local expertise in preserving ancient stonework
  • Modern science aiding in the protection of heritage
  • Ceremonial Significance & Local Legends
  • Once a site for royal parades, echoing with the footsteps of sultans
  • Whispered tales of hidden passages and unspoken secrets
  • A symbol of resistance and pride for Meknes locals

Dive into the past and let Bab Mansour’s tales inspire your spirit of adventure.

Meknes Medina

Captivating view of Meknes Medina, a historic and vibrant market district showcasing traditional architecture, lively souks, and cultural richness in Meknes, Morocco.

Photo By: @__ali__hajji__ on Instagram

You’ll find that Meknes Medina offers a myriad of sights and activities, immersing you in the heart of Morocco’s rich culture and history. As you weave through the labyrinth of traditional souks, the scent of spices and the hum of haggling envelop you. Medina shopping is an adventure in itself; each turn reveals stalls bursting with artisanal crafts, from intricate metalwork to vibrant textiles. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take home a piece of Meknes’s heritage.

Venture deeper and you may stumble upon serene Sufi shrines, where the spiritual legacy of Morocco resonates. Here, you’re not just a spectator, but a participant in a timeless tapestry of daily life and devotion. Embrace the freedom to explore, to discover, and to connect with the soul of Meknes.

Moulay Ismail Mausoleum

Photo By: @travellinsonja on Instagram

Among the numerous treasures of Meknes, the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail stands out as a must-see, offering a glimpse into the grandeur of Morocco’s past. As you explore this testament to Ismail’s legacy, you’ll find:

  • Mausoleum architecture
  • Exquisite zellige tilework
  • Intricately carved wood and stucco
  • Impressive arched doorways leading to peaceful courtyards
  • Ismail’s legacy
  • An aura of power and ambition
  • Stories of a ruler who shaped Morocco’s history
  • Reflections of the sultan’s vision in every corner
  • Spiritual significance
  • A sacred space for many Moroccans
  • Quiet halls resonating with devout whispers
  • An air of reverence enveloping the tomb

Dar Jamai Museum

Explore Dar Jamai Museum to delve into Morocco’s rich cultural tapestry and view an impressive collection of traditional Moroccan arts. As you wander through the museum, you’re not just seeing artifacts; you’re stepping into a world where every thread weaves a story of Moroccan craftsmanship. The Dar Jamai textiles are a vibrant testament to the skill and creativity of local artisans.

The museum architecture itself is a work of art, harmoniously blending function and aesthetic. Feel the freedom to immerse yourself in the intricate designs that adorn the walls and floors, each telling its own tale of the past.

Feature Description Why It’s a Must-See
Dar Jamai textiles Exquisite fabrics showcasing Moroccan weaving Witness the legacy of textile art
Museum architecture A stunning example of Moroccan design Marvel at the blend of beauty and history
Cultural artifacts Pieces that capture the essence of Morocco Connect with the country’s diverse heritage
Moroccan craftsmanship Displays of traditional skills and techniques Appreciate the intricacies of local crafts
Guided tours Expert insights into the museum’s collections Unlock deeper understanding of cultural significance

Each element within the Dar Jamai Museum is a chapter in Morocco’s historical narrative, waiting for you to turn the page.


Photo By: @gettymuseum on Instagram

Discovering the ancient ruins of Volubilis offers a captivating glimpse into Morocco’s Roman history and stands as a highlight of any Meknes itinerary. As you tread along the UNESCO heritage site, you’re not just exploring; you’re stepping directly onto the pages of history.

  • Volubilis excavation updates
  • New discoveries enhancing historical narratives
  • Public access to recent finds
  • Expert-led tours explaining the significance
  • Roman mosaics preservation
  • Efforts to protect exquisite tilework
  • Detailed views of ancient artisanship
  • Insight into Roman aesthetic sensibilities
  • Archaeological site management
  • Sustainable practices ensuring longevity
  • Visitor engagement without compromising integrity
  • Continual work safeguarding the site’s future

Embrace your quest for freedom by wandering through time, engaging with the echoes of an empire etched into the earth, and witnessing the meticulous care in preserving our collective past.

Heri es-Souani Granaries

Photo By: @

As you leave the ancient whispers of Volubilis behind, you’ll find the Heri es-Souani Granaries, a testament to Moroccan ingenuity in the heart of Meknes. This monumental structure, once the city’s lifeblood, is a marvel of architectural design. Its vast halls and thick walls speak to the brilliance of local craftsmanship that has stood the test of time. Yet, despite its grandeur, the granary restoration efforts reveal the conservation challenges faced by such historical treasures. As you wander through the colossal storage rooms, you’re witnessing an ongoing battle against time, with each carefully laid stone a silent guardian of history. Embrace the freedom to explore each corner, where the past and present converge, safeguarded by the dedication to preservation.

Bou Inania Madrasa

Photo By: @_tom_win on Instagram

Moving on from the ancient granaries, you’ll stumble upon the Bou Inania Madrasa, a jewel of Islamic architecture and a must-see highlight in Meknes. As you explore, you’ll be captivated by:

  • The legacy of learning
  • A beacon of educational heritage, once bustling with scholars.
  • Discover the classrooms and dormitories where knowledge was exchanged.
  • Masterful craftsmanship
  • Admire the intricate zellige tilework that adorns walls and fountains.
  • Examine the exquisite wood and stucco detailing, a testament to skilled artisans.
  • Preservation for posterity
  • Witness the restoration efforts that keep history alive.
  • Understand the delicate balance between maintaining authenticity and accommodating modernity.

Embrace the freedom to wander, to touch the past, and to marvel at a world where education was, and is, revered.

El Hedim Square

Photo By: @descubrirtours on Instagram

Just a short walk from the Bou Inania Madrasa, you’ll find El Hedim Square, the vibrant heart of Meknes teeming with activity and attractions. This sprawling space buzzes with El Hedim activities, from storytellers spinning tales to musicians striking up soulful tunes. Local vendors beckon you to explore rows of intricately crafted goods, adding to the square’s entertainment with their friendly barter. As dusk falls, the square transforms into one of the city’s most enchanting night markets, where the scents of spiced delicacies and the glow from lantern stalls promise an unforgettable evening. Embrace the liberty to roam, engage with the culture, and create memories in the lively ambiance of El Hedim Square.

Royal Stables of Meknes

Photo By: @ceriwibi on Instagram

Exploring further into the heart of Meknes, you’ll encounter the Royal Stables, a testament to the city’s grandeur and Sultan Moulay Ismail’s passion for horses. This architectural wonder, once home to thousands of the Sultan’s horses, showcases the pinnacle of horse architecture and reflects the Sultan’s vision for magnificence.

  • What to explore:
  • Echoing corridors where steeds once trod
  • Ingenious water system for equine care
  • Vast grounds highlighting architectural innovation

Amidst your exploration, you’ll grasp the scale of restoration efforts breathing new life into these historical walls. Walk in the steps of history, imagining the stable’s past splendors, and revel in the freedom that comes with uncovering the secrets of an era shaped by impressive equestrian culture.

Agdal Basin

Photo By: @nonoontheroad on Instagram

You’ll find an oasis of tranquility when you visit the Agdal Basin, a vast water reservoir that mirrors Meknes’ historical significance and serene beauty. The Agdal reflections cast by the setting sun will captivate your soul, painting a picture of peace that’s nearly palpable. As you wander around, consider the water system history that once nourished the sultan’s gardens. Today, it’s a perfect spot for basin picnics, where you can lay out a spread and savor the taste of freedom amid ancient grandeur. Take serene walks alongside the water’s edge, letting the whispers of the past intertwine with the gentle rustle of the trees. The Agdal Basin isn’t just a sight to behold; it’s an experience that embodies the soul of Meknes.

Lahdim Square

Photo By: @morocco_desert_jaunts on Instagram

From the reflective serenity of the Agdal Basin, step into the bustling heart of Meknes at Lahdim Square, where you’re immediately immersed in the vibrant pulse of the city. This historic square is your canvas to craft unforgettable memories:

  • Lahdim Evenings:
  • *Magical Ambiance*: As dusk falls, the square transforms with golden lights and lively crowds.
  • *Cultural Exchange*: Mingle with locals and travelers alike, sharing stories and laughter.
  • Artisan Workshops:
  • *Craftsmanship on Display*: Watch skilled artisans at work, creating intricate souvenirs.
  • *Hands-on Experience*: Participate in a workshop and take home your own crafted piece.
  • Street Performers and Local Storytellers:
  • *Vibrant Performances*: Marvel at acrobats and musicians, bringing the square to life.
  • *Oral Heritage*: Get enchanted by the tales of local storytellers, echoing Morocco’s rich history.

Embrace the freedom to explore, engage, and be enchanted by Lahdim Square’s endless wonders.

Meknes Golf Palace

Photo By: @imgprestigegolfon Instagram

As you venture into the opulent world of Meknes Golf Palace, discover one of the city’s luxurious hidden gems, offering a blend of sport and elegance. The Meknes Golf Club invites you to immerse in a serene escape where the green fairways provide an exquisite contrast to the historic cityscape. Secure your tee time reservations and indulge in tailored golfing packages that promise an exclusive experience. Each swing you take is complemented by course design features that challenge and delight, crafted to harmonize with the natural beauty of the Moroccan landscape. Unshackle yourself from the mundane and embrace the freedom of a leisurely day on the greens, where tradition meets modernity in a setting that’s unmistakably Meknes.

Accommodation Options

Meknes offers a variety of accommodation options to suit your travel needs, whether you’re looking for luxury or budget-friendly stays. Delve into the city’s heart with authentic riad stays, indulge in opulence at luxury resorts, find camaraderie at budget hostels, or connect with nature at serene camping spots. Meknes caters to your desire for freedom and exploration, offering places to rest that are as diverse as the experiences awaiting you.

  • Riad stays
  • Experience traditional Moroccan architecture
  • Enjoy personalized service and homemade meals
  • Often located within the Medina, offering a deep dive into local culture
  • Luxury resorts
  • Spas, gourmet restaurants, and immaculate gardens
  • Rooms with sumptuous decor, echoing the city’s imperial past
  • Often situated in tranquil areas, providing a peaceful retreat
  • Budget hostels
  • Social atmospheres perfect for solo travelers or groups
  • Dormitory-style rooms or private options for a modest fee
  • Central locations with easy access to Meknes’ landmarks
  • Camping spots
  • Opportunities to sleep under the stars in the Moroccan countryside
  • Facilities ranging from basic to fully-equipped sites
  • A chance to escape the city and experience the wild beauty of the region

Each of these choices comes with its own unique set of perks, allowing you to tailor your stay to your personal taste and budget. Whether you’re seeking opulence, cultural immersion, social interaction, or a natural escape, Meknes’ accommodations offer you the liberty to craft your perfect Moroccan adventure.


As you wander through Meknes, the aroma of spices and slow-cooked tagines beckons you to explore the city’s culinary landscape. Each meal is an opportunity to savor dishes unique to this imperial city, from the hearty bissara to the sweet and flaky pastilla. Knowing where to eat is key, as authentic flavors are often found in the bustling medina eateries and hidden local gems.

Where to eat

Dive into Meknes’s culinary landscape, where you’ll find a tantalizing array of traditional Moroccan dishes ready to satisfy your palate. Your quest for gastronomic freedom leads you to:

  • Meknes vineyards
  • *Savor local wines* paired with exquisite Moroccan fare.
  • *Picnic among the vines* for an unforgettable dining experience.
  • *Winery tours* to learn and taste the region’s viticulture.
  • Local markets
  • *Spice-laden stalls* offer a sensory explosion.
  • *Fresh produce* for a taste of Moroccan terroir.
  • *Artisanal cheeses and olives* that reflect the area’s richness.
  • Immerse yourself
  • *Cooking classes* to master the art of Moroccan cuisine.
  • *Street food tours* for authentic bites that capture the city’s spirit.
  • *Traditional eateries* where locals and travelers alike find common ground over a shared meal.

Unique foods to Meknes

You’ll discover an array of unique dishes that epitomize Meknes’s rich culinary heritage. Dive into the savory layers of Meknes pastilla, a sumptuous pie that artfully combines flaky pastry with spiced pigeon or chicken, almonds, and a dusting of sugar and cinnamon. It’s a delightful contrast of sweet and savory that’ll dance on your palate.

Indulge in olive tastings, an essential Meknes experience, where the olives, steeped in history, vary from piquant to buttery, each telling a tale of terroir. Don’t miss the harira soup, a comforting concoction rich with tomatoes, lentils, chickpeas, and fragrant spices that truly warms the soul.

Lastly, partake in mint tea ceremonies, a cherished ritual that offers both refreshment and insight into the heart of Moroccan hospitality.

Day Trips from Meknes

While you’re soaking up the charm of Meknes, don’t miss out on the chance to explore beyond its walls with a few well-chosen day trips. Just an hour away, you’ll find Fez, with its sprawling medina and ancient learning centers, offering a deep plunge into the region’s Islamic heritage. If you’re after a breath of fresh air, head to Ifrane and the Middle Atlas Mountains, where the cedar forests and alpine scenery provide a stark contrast to the city’s hustle.


Just an hour’s drive from Meknes, you can explore Fez, one of Morocco’s most historic cities and a must-visit destination on your day trip itinerary. Here’s what awaits you:

  • Fez Tanneries
  • Witness the ancient art of leather dyeing
  • Capture the kaleidoscope of vibrant colors from above
  • Fez Festivals
  • Immerse yourself in the spiritual rhythms of the World Sacred Music Festival
  • Celebrate local craftsmanship at the Festival of Sufi Culture
  • Cultural Landmarks
  • Al Quaraouiyine University: Stand in awe of one of the oldest universities in the world
  • Jewish Mellah: Explore the historical quarter once home to a thriving Jewish community

You’ll find freedom in the narrow alleys of Fez, each turn offering a story, each scent and sound a memory in the making.


Serenity awaits as you embark on a journey to Ifrane, an alpine retreat known as the ‘Switzerland of Morocco,’ merely a stone’s throw from Meknes. With its unique Ifrane architecture, the town exudes a European charm, its chalet-style houses and leafy avenues a stark contrast to the arid landscapes you’ve left behind. Winter transforms Ifrane into a wonderland, inviting you to partake in snow activities that are a rare delight in Africa.

Nestled amidst this quaint town is Al Akhawayn University, a beacon of modern development and education, harmoniously blending with the natural beauty. Ifrane’s allure is undeniable, offering you a liberating escape from the ordinary, a breath of fresh mountain air in the heart of Morocco.

Middle Atlas Mountains

Leaving Ifrane’s alpine charm behind, you’ll find that a mere two-hour drive from Meknes unlocks the rugged beauty of the Middle Atlas Mountains, an ideal destination for a day trip filled with natural wonders. Embrace your yearning for freedom as you delve into:

  • Mountain trekking
  • Traverse diverse terrains
  • Encounter endemic Atlas biodiversity
  • Revel in panoramic mountain vistas
  • Berber villages
  • Engage with local culture
  • Sample traditional mountain cuisine
  • Nature reserves
  • Discover protected habitats
  • Observe wildlife in their natural environment

Each step you take on this adventure offers a connection to the earth and its ancient ways. The Middle Atlas Mountains await, with open skies and untamed landscapes that promise to liberate your spirit and challenge your sense of wonder.

Photography in Meknes

As you wander through Meknes, your camera will become your most cherished companion, capturing the city’s vibrant essence and timeless charm. The golden hour bathes the ancient Medina in a warm glow, perfect for those sunrise shots that’ll make your friends back home envious. You’ll find that adjusting your camera settings to a lower aperture will help capture the intricate details of Meknes’ stunning architecture. But don’t pack away your camera once the stars come out; night photography here is a must, with the city’s landmarks illuminated against the dark sky, offering a completely different perspective.

Street portraits in Meknes are particularly rewarding. The city’s inhabitants, often dressed in traditional attire, add a profound cultural depth to your visual narrative. Remember to ask for permission before snapping photos; it’s not just polite, it’s a chance to engage with the locals and maybe even hear a story or two.

Here’s a table to keep in mind for your photography adventure in Meknes:

Time of Day Camera Setting Subject Matter
Sunrise Low Aperture Medina, Gates
Midday High Shutter Market Scenes
Sunset Medium ISO City Walls
Night Long Exposure Illuminated Sites

Your time in Meknes is an opportunity to let your creativity flow. Embrace the freedom to explore hidden alleys, grand gates, and lively souks. Every corner offers a new scene, a different light, and a fresh perspective. Don’t just capture images; capture feelings, stories, and the magic of Meknes through your lens.


Capture your final memories of Meknes as you prepare to conclude your journey through this imperial city, rich with history and culture. You’ve wandered through the vibrant medina, uncovered the secrets of ancient palaces, and basked in the tranquility of the Souani ponds. Now, as the sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the Roman ruins, you’re reminded of the freedom that travel bestows – the liberty to explore, to immerse, and to connect with the world’s hidden gems.

Reflect on the moments that have carved a place in your heart:

  • Meknes festivals
  • The boisterous energy of the Festival of Fantasia, where horsemen in traditional attire exhibit their skill and precision.
  • The harmonious blend of music and dance during the Sufi Cultural Festival, enveloping you in spiritual reverie.
  • The explosion of flavors and aromas at the International Agriculture Fair, celebrating Morocco’s rich culinary heritage.
  • Souani ponds
  • The serene afternoons spent by the water, where the reflection of the grand Heri es-Souani granaries whispers stories of a bygone era.
  • The leisurely picnics on the grassy banks, where freedom feels as tangible as the gentle breeze.
  • Moroccan crafts
  • The intricate beauty of the handcrafted items you’ve collected, each a testament to the age-old traditions of Moroccan artisans.
  • The vibrant tapestries and pottery, which now hold a special place in your home, serving as a portal back to the streets of Meknes.

As you bid farewell to Meknes, carry with you not just souvenirs, but a tapestry of experiences that will continue to inspire a sense of freedom and adventure wherever you may roam.

As the sun dips behind the grand Bab Mansour, painting the sky with hues of a fading Moroccan tapestry, you’ll carry with you the rich tapestry of Meknes’ marvels. From the echoes of its regal history to the zestful flavors that danced on your palate, this city has etched its splendor in your memory. Meknes isn’t just a destination; it’s a vivid chapter in your travel anthology, one that you’ll yearn to revisit, time and again.


Average Temp

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City Size

212 sq km

Best Month to Travel

 April, May, June 

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