Crafting Your Perfect Moroccan Itinerary

At Moroccan Vacations, we go beyond the ordinary to create extraordinary travel experiences. Our bespoke itinerary service is wholly distinct, beginning with an investment of $500 to ensure that your journey is meticulously planned to perfection.

The Discovery Phase

Your adventure begins with a set of tailored email questions, allowing us to understand your preferences, interests, and travel style. We delve deep to craft a general plan that encapsulates your vision of the ideal Moroccan getaway.

Personal Consultation

To refine your itinerary further, we engage in a detailed phone call. This conversation enables us to fine-tune every aspect of your trip, ensuring that your itinerary is not just tailor-made but truly yours.

Value and Flexibility

When you book your tour with us, the $500 fee becomes a credit towards your adventure. If you decide to explore on your own, you still retain a beautifully crafted, customized itinerary that you can use at any time, providing value and flexibility for your investment.

Embark on a journey that is distinctly yours with Moroccan Vacations, where your dream trip is just a discovery phase away.


8 Night Minimum

$40 Per NIght


Thrilling escapades across diverse landscapes


Gastronomic tours savouring Moroccan flavours


Artistic journeys through galleries and creative spaces


Immersive experiences in local traditions and lifestyles


Serene coastal getaways


Time-travelling adventures through ancient cities and ruins

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