“As you wander, you’ll find your treasure,” and Ouarzazate is a gem hidden in the south of Morocco, waiting for you to uncover its splendor. You’re about to embark on a journey through time, exploring ancient kasbahs and vibrant markets. You’ll bask in the warmth of the desert sun and taste freedom in every spice-infused dish. Get ready to capture the essence of Ouarzazate, where adventure beckons and cultural riches abound. Let’s dive in!

Ouarzazate, your gateway to the enchanting landscapes of southern Morocco, beckons with tales of ancient kasbahs and cinematic vistas. As you set out to explore this mesmerizing region, you’ll find that travel logistics are pleasantly straightforward, allowing you the freedom to immerse yourself in the adventure without hassle. Flights and buses connect Ouarzazate to major cities, while local taxis and rental cars offer the independence to traverse this vast land at your pace.

You’re in for a cultural feast with festivals that celebrate everything from traditional music to the storied past of the area. Plan your visit around events like the Rose Festival in Kelaat M’Gouna or the International Film Festival for a deeper connection to the pulse of local life. You’ll experience the richness of Moroccan traditions first-hand, and it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Souvenir shopping in Ouarzazate is an art in itself, with bustling markets and quaint boutiques offering treasures that tell stories of the region’s heritage. Whether it’s intricately designed carpets, handcrafted silver jewelry, or aromatic spices, you’ll find mementos that capture the essence of your journey.

Understanding local customs is key to enjoying your travels to the fullest. Respectful interactions and a willingness to embrace the Moroccan way of life will open doors to genuine experiences. Remember to dress conservatively, especially when visiting religious sites, and always ask permission before capturing photos of the locals.

Your spirit of adventure, coupled with an appreciation for cultural nuances, will ensure that your time in Ouarzazate is nothing short of extraordinary. Take the leap, and let the land of kasbahs inspire stories of your own.


As you venture beyond the bustling markets and cinematic landscapes, you’ll delve into Ouarzazate’s storied past, where centuries of history unfold amid the desert expanse. This gateway to the Sahara has been a silent witness to the ebb and flow of empires, a crossroads where culture and commerce have thrived for generations.

The Berber influence is unmistakable here, their resilient spirit ingrained in the very stones of Ouarzazate’s kasbahs and fortresses. Berbers, the indigenous people of North Africa, have played a pivotal role in shaping the region’s identity. Their rich traditions, language, and customs continue to suffuse the area with a unique cultural flavor that you’ll savor in every interaction.

Ouarzazate’s strategic location made it a hub for Saharan trade. Ancient caravans laden with gold, salt, and precious goods once traversed this terrain, weaving a tapestry of interaction that linked sub-Saharan Africa to the Mediterranean and beyond. The echoes of their journeys still resonate in the bustling souks where traders barter as their ancestors did.

The Glaoui dynasty, once rulers of these lands, etched their name into the annals of history through their opulent palaces and the pivotal role they played in the region’s politics. Their legacy is a testament to the power and prestige that Ouarzazate held, a reminder of the times when it was the epicenter of a thriving kingdom.

As you explore, you’ll discover that freedom isn’t just a concept here—it’s the lifeblood that courses through the veins of Ouarzazate’s history. It’s in the open skies, the boundless horizons, and the stories of a people who have always cherished their autonomy. This is a place where the past isn’t just remembered; it’s lived and breathed, a constant companion on your journey through the annals of time.


You’ll find every inch of Ouarzazate’s diverse terrain steeped in natural beauty, from the undulating Sahara dunes to the stark, rugged peaks of the Atlas Mountains. This region, often referred to as the Sahara gateway, is more than just a transition zone; it is where the essence of Berber culture and the allure of desert landscapes come alive under the endless blue skies.

The strategic location of Ouarzazate has shaped its geography, making it a unique melting pot of environments. Here’s what sets Ouarzazate apart:

  1. The Atlas Mountains: These mountains are not only the backbone of Morocco but also a natural barrier between the rich valleys and the harsh Sahara. They gift Ouarzazate with a variety of elevations, creating micro-climates and breathtaking vistas.
  2. The Draa Valley: Fed by the Draa River, this valley boasts some of the most fertile lands in the south, with lush date palm oases contrasting the arid surroundings.
  3. The Sahara Desert: As you move towards the desert, the landscape shifts dramatically, offering expansive horizons and the mesmerizing beauty of rolling sand dunes.

As you explore, you’ll find freedom in the vastness, whether it’s in the silence of the desert, the freshness of the mountain air, or the warmth of the sun on your back. Ouarzazate’s terrain invites you to immerse yourself in its grandeur, while also reminding you of the resilience and adaptability of its people.

Embracing the spirit of adventure, you’ll understand why this land has been a crossroads for traders, nomads, and empires. Each geographical feature tells a story of survival, trade, and the timeless pursuit of freedom. Welcome to Ouarzazate, where the earth itself beckons you to wander and discover.


As you prepare for your journey to Ouarzazate, understanding the local climate is key to a comfortable visit. You’ll find the weather varies greatly from scorching summer days to chilly nights, a testament to its desert surroundings. To optimize your experience, we’ll pinpoint the best times to visit, ensuring you’re met with the most agreeable temperatures and conditions.


The climate in Ouarzazate is arid, with hot summers and cool winters, ensuring you’ll experience the stark beauty of the desert any time you visit. As you bask in the sun-bathed landscapes, remember that Ouarzazate is more than just its climate; it’s a hub of culture and activity:

  • Culture festivals: Celebrate alongside locals, immersing yourself in vibrant Berber traditions.
  • Local handicrafts: Explore markets brimming with artisanal treasures, a true testament to the region’s skilled craftmanship.
  • Adventure sports: Venture into the wild with activities tailored for the thrill-seekers, from sandboarding to quad biking.

Ouarzazate Province, MA
2:04 pm, Jul 24, 2024
temperature icon 39°C
scattered clouds
Humidity Humidity: 8 %
Pressure Pressure: 1015 mb
Wind Wind: 5 mph
Wind Gust Wind Gust: 0 mph
Clouds Clouds: 40%
Visibility Visibility: 0 km
Sunrise Sunrise: 6:39 am
Sunset Sunset: 8:27 pm

Best time to visit

For optimal weather conditions, plan your Ouarzazate trip during the milder spring or autumn months. You’ll dodge the scorching summer heat and the chill that can sneak into winter nights. These seasons aren’t just about comfort; they’re also alive with cultural events. Imagine wandering through seasonal festivals, each a whirlwind of color and tradition, giving you a genuine taste of local life.

Spring and autumn open doors to attractive travel packages, combining stays with excursions that might not be as enjoyable in the extreme weather. If you’re into adventure sports, this is your window. The temperate climate is perfect for trekking through the Atlas Mountains or embarking on a desert safari. Embrace the freedom of Ouarzazate’s outdoors when nature is at its most inviting.

Things to see / things to do in Quarzazate

In Ouarzazate, you’re stepping into a world where ancient kasbahs and ksars tell tales of the past. Don’t miss the iconic Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou, a UNESCO World Heritage site that’s captivated filmmakers and travelers alike. Explore the winding passages of Taourirt and Tifoultoute Kasbahs, and let the historical Ksar of Tissergate transport you through time.

Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou

Photo By: @frada_berlin on Instagram

As you wander through Ouarzazate, you’ll find no site more entrancing than Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou, a timeless fortress that beckons with its ancient walls and rich history. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a testament to Moroccan architecture, standing as a striking example of earthen clay structures.

Here, freedom takes the form of exploration:

  • Experience the Artistry: Delve into the world of Berber crafts, admiring intricate designs and techniques passed down through generations.
  • Embrace the Cinematic: Walk the footsteps of stars in a place steeped in filmmaking heritage, where epic movies like “Gladiator” were born.
  • Venture Beyond: Set off on desert excursions from this gateway, where the Sahara’s vastness promises adventure and liberation.

Let Ait Ben Haddou’s towers inspire your journey into the heart of Morocco’s storied landscape.

Taourirt Kasbah

Photo By: @manuel_ouade on Instagram

Continuing your journey through Ouarzazate’s treasures, you’ll discover that Taourirt Kasbah is another must-see fortress, offering a glimpse into the region’s historical grandeur and cultural depth. This Kasbah restoration project showcases Berber craftsmanship at its finest. Wander through the labyrinth of passageways, and you’ll feel the pulse of history in the intricately decorated walls and robust towers.

Perched at a strategic location, Taourirt Kasbah melds architectural influences, revealing the ingenuity of its ancestors. The fortress stands as a testament to a bygone era, yet it throbs with life as local artisans continue to preserve and enliven it. Here, you’re not just observing—you’re part of the living heritage. Embrace the freedom to explore every nook, and let the spirit of adventure guide you.

Tifoultoute Kasbah

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Explore Tifoultoute Kasbah, a fortress with panoramic views and storied walls that whisper tales of Ouarzazate’s cinematic past. Standing as a sentinel of the desert, this Kasbah encapsulates a unique blend of Berber architecture and trade history. It’s undergone careful kasbah restoration, ensuring its legacy endures for future adventurers like you.

Here are things to see and do:

  1. Discover Film History: As a famed filming location, imagine the countless scenes shot against the backdrop of its grandeur.
  2. Admire Berber Designs: Walk amidst the ancient rooms and courtyards, noting the intricate designs that define Berber craftsmanship.
  3. View Trade Routes: From its heights, gaze out where caravans once traversed, weaving a rich tapestry of cultural exchange.

Embrace the freedom to wander, absorb, and connect with Ouarzazate’s historical heartbeat.

Telouet Kasbah

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You’ll find every corner of the Telouet Kasbah steeped in the opulent history of the Glaoui chieftains who once reigned over the High Atlas region. This stronghold, with its strategic location along the former route of ancient caravans, whispers tales of trade and power. As you explore, admire the intricate Berber architecture, a testament to a rich cultural heritage. Notice the ongoing restoration efforts aimed at preserving this historical gem for future generations. Wander through the labyrinth of rooms, and let the elaborate tilework and carved ceilings transport you to a bygone era. Embrace the freedom to immerse yourself in the past, and don’t miss the panoramic views that once served as a lookout for the Glaoui dynasty.

Ksar of Tissergate

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Often overlooked by travelers, the Ksar of Tissergate offers a unique glimpse into the traditional Ksar architecture and the daily life of a bygone era in southern Morocco. As you wander through this ancient village, you’ll uncover the heart of Tissergate architecture, characterized by:

  1. Intricately designed mudbrick homes.
  2. Towering defensive walls.
  3. Labyrinthine alleyways that tell tales of secrecy and survival.

Immerse yourself in the artisanship of traditional crafts, observe the deeply rooted Berber rituals, and listen closely as the local storytellers weave fascinating local legends. This journey isn’t just a visit; it’s a step through time, unlocking a sense of freedom that comes from connecting with a culture’s living history. Don’t miss the chance to experience the authentic essence of southern Morocco here in Tissergate.

Atlas Film Studios

Photo By: @gurcan_kadagan on Instagram

During your visit to Ouarzazate, don’t miss the Atlas Film Studios, where cinematic history comes alive amidst the desert landscape. Roam through the very desert sets where legendary films and series have been shot. Immerse yourself in movie tours that showcase the magic behind the scenes, and feel the thrill of walking in the footsteps of celebrities.

Here’s what you can’t skip:

Highlights Description
Iconic Set Pieces Explore original sets from famous films.
Location Scouting Uncover potential spots for new movies.
Prop Collections Discover a trove of cinematic treasures.
Celebrity Stories Hear tales of past celebrity visits.
Photo Opportunities Capture your own star moments.

You’re not just visiting a place; you’re stepping onto the canvas of international filmmakers. Let freedom and adventure guide your exploration!

CLA Studios

Photo By: @renatacrippa on Instagram

Continuing your cinematic journey in Ouarzazate, step into CLA Studios, another film-making hub where you can witness the creation of movie magic firsthand. Delve into CLA history by exploring set locations that have been the backbone of numerous blockbusters. As you roam, feel the pulse of film heritage that permeates the air.

Here’s what you can’t miss:

  1. Studio Tours: Walk the very grounds where cinematic history was made, with guides recounting tales from behind the scenes.
  2. Iconic Set Locations: Experience the grandeur of sets that transport you to other worlds, making for unforgettable photo opportunities.
  3. Exhibitions: Engage with displays that detail the craft of movie-making, from costumes to special effects.

Embrace your love for cinema and the lure of adventure at CLA Studios, where the spirit of freedom and storytelling is alive and well.

Cinema Museum

Photo By: @ouarzazate_official on Instagram

After exploring the sprawling sets at CLA Studios, make your way to the Cinema Museum to immerse yourself further into Ouarzazate’s storied film legacy. Here, you’ll find yourself surrounded by an impressive collection of cinema artifacts, each telling its own tale of the silver screen.

Engage with the film exhibitions, where movie memorabilia beckons with stories from iconic shoots. You can’t miss the screenplay archives, a treasure trove for film buffs craving a deeper connection to their favorite flicks.

Attraction Description
Vintage Cameras Glimpse the evolution of filmmaking
Set Costumes Admire the craft behind the scenes
Prop Collection Touch the tools of cinematic tales
Director’s Items Explore the minds behind the magic
Archive Access Uncover scripts of cinema classics

Savor the freedom to stroll through history, and let your imagination run wild amidst the relics of movie magic.

Fint Oasis

Photo By: @char_luis_007 on Instagram

Fint Oasis offers you a tranquil escape into lush palm groves and ancient kasbahs, revealing a serene side of Ouarzazate’s desert landscape. Here, the Fint Oasis serenity isn’t just a feeling—it’s woven into the very way of life. As you wander through the verdant terrains, you’ll witness:

  1. Traditional agriculture, unchanged for centuries, where local inhabitants tend to their crops with enduring patience.
  2. Ingenious water management systems, a testament to human ingenuity in the arid climes.
  3. A community living in harmony with the land, inviting you to partake in their peaceful existence.

Engage with the people who call this oasis home. They’ll share stories that resonate with your desire for freedom and connection to the earth. This isn’t just a visit; it’s an immersion into a way of life that cherishes every drop of water and every grain of sand.

Skoura Oasis

Photo By: @pafkajones on Instagram

From the peaceful Fint Oasis, you’ll find yourself drawn to the abundant charm of Skoura Oasis, where the allure of ambling through a labyrinth of palm groves and historical kasbahs awaits your discovery. As you wander, you’ll marvel at the ingenuity of Skoura Architecture, which harmonizes with the desert environment. Delve into the agricultural traditions that have sustained life here for centuries. You’ll see the ancient water management techniques still in use, a testament to the locals’ respect for this precious resource. Engage with Palm Groves Conservation efforts that protect these verdant havens. In Skoura, freedom isn’t just a concept—it’s the rhythm of daily life, inviting you to explore, learn, and connect with the land and its people.

Rose Valley

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You’ll discover myriad treasures as you step into the fragrant Rose Valley, renowned for its annual Festival of Roses and enchanting natural beauty. This lush area offers not just a visual feast but also a deep dive into a culture that celebrates the delicate art of rose cultivation.

To fully embrace the spirit of Rose Valley, consider experiencing:

  1. The Festival of Roses: Join the vibrant festival celebration where locals honor the season’s harvest with music, dance, and parades.
  2. Local Cooperatives: Learn about cultivation techniques and support the community by visiting local cooperatives, where the crafting of exquisite rose products takes center stage.
  3. Guided Tours: Wander through the blooming fields and gain insight into the meticulous care behind each petal.

Your adventure in Rose Valley is a passport to an intoxicating world where freedom and fragrance go hand in hand.

Ounila Valley

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Beyond the aromatic splendors of Rose Valley, you’ll find the Ounila Valley, a jewel in Ouarzazate’s crown, offering a tapestry of ancient kasbahs and striking landscapes to explore. Wander through the corridor once traversed by ancient caravans, where trade and culture flourished. You’ll stumble upon Berber villages seemingly frozen in time, their authenticity and charm beckoning you to delve deeper into their stories.

Trace the routes where almond blossoms paint the valley with hues of pink and white, a spectacle that captures the essence of nature’s unbridled beauty. Don’t miss the historic salt mines, remnants of an era where salt was as precious as gold, now offering you a glimpse into the ingenious methods of mineral extraction. In Ounila Valley, every step is a discovery, every view a treasure.

Accommodation Options

Exploring Ouarzazate’s desert landscapes, you’ll find a variety of accommodation options, from traditional riads to luxurious hotels, catering to all preferences and budgets. If you’re after an experience that’s out of the ordinary, consider desert glamping where luxury meets the wild sands. Imagine a starlit sky as your ceiling and the soft desert breeze as your nighttime lullaby. This is freedom in its purest form.

Berber hospitality is legendary, and you’ll get to live it firsthand in one of the many luxury riads. These traditional houses are centered around peaceful courtyards, offering an oasis of calm in the heart of the bustling city. Here’s where you can indulge in the opulence of finely woven fabrics and intricate tile work, all while being treated like royalty.

And if your spirit of adventure doesn’t align with a lavish budget, don’t worry. Ouarzazate boasts a range of budget hostels that don’t skimp on character. You’ll still get to soak up the local culture and meet fellow travelers without breaking the bank.

To sum up the accommodation landscape:

  • Desert Glamping: Unparalleled luxury in the heart of the Sahara.
  • Luxury Riads: A gateway to experiencing authentic Moroccan architecture and hospitality.
  • Budget Hostels: Your base for adventure without the hefty price tag.

As you plan your stay, consider what you want to take from this journey. Are you seeking serenity or eager to mingle with fellow nomads? Whatever your heart desires, you’ll find it here in Ouarzazate. Your trip, your rules – so choose the stay that will let your free spirit soar.


As you wander through Ouarzazate, you’ll find the city’s cuisine as captivating as its landscapes. You won’t want to miss the unique local dishes that tell the story of this region’s cultural blend. Let’s explore where to eat and the distinctive flavors that define Ouarzazate’s culinary identity.

Where to eat

Where can you savor the authentic flavors of Southern Morocco’s culinary treasures? Ouarzazate offers a diverse range of dining experiences that’ll tantalize your taste buds and immerse you in the local culture. Start your gastronomic journey at the local markets, where the scent of spices and fresh ingredients fills the air. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss:

  1. Street Food: Sample mouth-watering kebabs and couscous from vibrant stalls.
  2. Dining Etiquette: Embrace communal eating and the customary handwashing ritual before meals.
  3. Traditional Drinks: Refresh your palate with mint tea or a glass of the sweet local almond milk.

Whether you’re indulging in a lavish restaurant feast or snacking at a bustling market corner, freedom in your culinary exploration awaits in Ouarzazate.

Unique foods to Quarzazate

You’ll find three quintessential dishes in Ouarzazate that you shouldn’t miss: the savory tagine, sweet pastilla, and hearty harira. Moroccan tagines are a symphony of flavors, slow-cooked to perfection in conical clay pots. You’ll savor the tender meat melding with spices, often accompanied by apricots or prunes for a touch of sweetness. Don’t overlook the pastilla, a flaky pastry layered with pigeon or chicken, dusted with sugar and cinnamon for an unforgettable contrast. Then, there’s harira, a nourishing soup that warms your soul, brimming with lentils, chickpeas, and fragrant spices. Between meals, indulge in almond pastries, a sweet nod to local traditions, and sip saffron tea, the golden elixir of the region. For an adventurous bite, try Berber pizza, a rustic and hearty window into the soul of local cuisine.

Day Trips from Quarzazate

Venturing beyond Ouarzazate’s borders, you’ll find landscapes and cultural experiences that are as varied as they are mesmerizing. A day trip to the Draa Valley immerses you in a tapestry of lush palm groves and ancient kasbahs, while the Dades Valley offers a dramatic contrast with its towering gorges and winding roads. Don’t miss out on Zagora—gateway to the Sahara, where the rhythm of Berber life moves to the beat of the desert.

Draa Valley

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Embark on a day trip from Ouarzazate to the Draa Valley, where you’ll discover a lush oasis winding through the desert landscape. Originating from the High Atlas Mountains, the Draa River breathes life into an extensive palm grove ecosystem. Here’s what captures the essence of the valley:

  • The Draa River origins, crucial for sustaining the valley’s life.
  • Palm grove ecosystems, showcasing nature’s resilience.
  • Traditional irrigation systems, a testament to human ingenuity.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of these groves, and observe the traditional irrigation systems that locals have used for centuries. Don’t miss the chance to explore local Berber artisan crafts, a tangible expression of a culture that values freedom and connection to the land. This valley is not just a journey through space, but also a timeless passage into the heart of Moroccan heritage.

Dades Valley

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Explore the winding roads of Dades Valley, known as Morocco’s ‘Grand Canyon,’ where you’ll encounter dramatic landscapes and centuries-old kasbahs on your day trip from Ouarzazate. As you revel in the freedom of the open road, prepare to be awestruck by the sheer size of the rock formations towering above. Berber villages dot the landscape, offering a glimpse into the enduring local culture.

As an adventurer at heart, you won’t want to miss the hiking trails that crisscross the valley, inviting you to discover the region’s beauty on foot. And for those who crave a surge of adrenaline, the valley offers a playground for adventure sports. Embrace the spirit of exploration and let Dades Valley ignite your wanderlust.

Attraction Activity
Rock Formations Photography
Berber Villages Cultural Exploration
Hiking Trails Guided Hikes
Dades Gorges Rock Climbing
Monkey Fingers Adventure Sports


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Continuing your journey south from Ouarzazate, you’ll find Zagora, a gateway to the Sahara that beckons with its own blend of history and desert adventure. Here, the promise of freedom is as vast as the desert itself. Embrace the spirit of exploration with:

  • Zagora desert tours: Traverse the dunes and uncover ancient kasbahs.
  • Draa River excursions: Navigate the life-giving waters amidst lush palm groves.
  • Zagora camel treks: Experience the desert from a traditional vantage point.

Amidst these adventures, don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in Berber cultural experiences. Engage with the locals, relish in their music, and savor authentic cuisine. Zagora isn’t just a stopover; it’s a chapter in your story of freedom and discovery.

Photography in Quarzazate

During your visit to Ouarzazate, you’ll discover countless opportunities to capture its stunning landscapes and ancient kasbahs through your lens. The allure of desert photography beckons as the golden dunes and rugged mountains create a canvas that seems to stretch into infinity. Rise early for those ethereal sunrise shots, where the first light of day paints the desert in hues of fiery orange and soft pinks. You’ll find that the architectural contrasts between the time-worn kasbahs and the stark, natural backdrops provide a visual feast for the keen-eyed photographer.

As the sun arcs across the sky, each hour casts new shadows and reveals hidden textures within the labyrinthine alleyways of the kasbahs. Don’t hesitate to wander and let the city’s soul guide your exploration; there’s freedom in discovering the perfect shot serendipitously. Come dusk, position yourself atop a high vantage point as the setting sun silhouettes the clay fortifications against a purpling sky.

But it’s not over when darkness falls. Ouarzazate’s clear skies offer a spectacular show of starry nights that you can immortalize with your camera. Long-exposure shots will unveil the swirling cosmos above, a sight that remains etched in memory as much as in your digital keepsake.

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or simply capturing moments on a smartphone, Ouarzazate’s rich tapestry of landscapes and cultural landmarks is a testament to the splendors of Southern Morocco. So, keep your camera at the ready – every corner in Ouarzazate whispers a story waiting to be told through your unique perspective.


Having journeyed through the vibrant streets and timeless landscapes of Ouarzazate, you’re now equipped with the essence of this desert gem’s allure. You’ve savored the local cuisine, marveled at the Kasbahs, and felt the pulse of ancient traditions that continue to thrive in the heart of Southern Morocco.

To encapsulate your experience, consider these essential takeaways:

  1. Cultural Events: Immerse yourself in the local festivals that celebrate the rich tapestry of art, music, and history that Ouarzazate offers. Each event is a doorway to understanding the soul of the region.
  2. Souvenir Shopping: Indulge in the vibrant marketplaces where every item tells a story. From handcrafted Berber rugs to intricately designed jewelry, these treasures serve as tangible memories of your journey.
  3. Adventure Sports: Embrace the call of the wild with a range of adventure sports available in the area. From sandboarding down golden dunes to trekking across the rugged Atlas Mountains, there’s a thrill for every spirit seeking freedom.

As you reflect on your adventures, remember that Ouarzazate is more than just a destination; it’s a feeling of stepping into a world where every corner reveals a piece of history, where every handshake introduces you to local customs, and where the call to adventure resonates with your desire for freedom.

Take with you not only the souvenirs you’ve shopped for but also the stories and connections that have woven into the fabric of your life. You’ve breathed the air of Ouarzazate, tasted its flavors, and danced to its rhythms. Now, as you venture onwards, carry the spirit of this enigmatic place with you, forever a part of your global tapestry.

Wave goodbye to the wistful winds of Ouarzazate, where the sands sing stories of bygone eras. Your journey through this jewel of southern Morocco has marveled at majestic kasbahs, tasted tantalizing tagines, and captured cinema’s cherished landscapes. Whether wandering through weathered wonders or embracing exotic excursions, Ouarzazate offers an odyssey of the senses. Cherish the memories made here and let the spirit of the Sahara whisper you back again.


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City Size

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Best Month to Travel

March, April, May

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