Bab Bou Jeloud Gate


Are you looking for the perfect destination to check off your bucket list? Look no further than Fez, Morocco! Fez is a city of vibrant culture and deep history. It’s home to some of the most beautiful sights in the world, from ancient medina-lined streets to stunning mosques. Whether it’s exploring historic sites or taking in breathtaking views, there’s something for everyone here. Here are fifteen must-see places in Fez that will make your trip unforgettable.

Fez is a great place for adventurers who love history and culture. The city is full of lively markets with spices and colorful textiles. You can explore old alleyways and staircases that have been around for centuries. Fez is famous for its unique red brick buildings from medieval times. It’s a small area, but there’s so much to see and experience. This article will help you plan an amazing trip to Fez with 15 must-see places to visit. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in one of North Africa’s oldest cities!

Bab Bou Jeloud is a famous gate in the ancient city of Fes. They built Bab Bou Jeloud in 1913 and decorated it with beautiful blue tiles. When you walk through the archway, you’ll see people have made the detailed walls for many years.

Walking on the cobblestone streets under Bab Bou Jeloud will make you feel like you’re in the past when Fez was a cultural hub. You’ll see and hear many exciting things as you explore the winding alleys that lead to this historical gate. It’s a place full of beauty and history. Let yourself get lost in it and imagine what life was like back then. Visit Bab Bou Jeloud, the Blue Gate of Fez, to experience it for yourself!

Chouara Tannery


When you explore Chouara Tannery in Fez, Morocco, you’ll find yourself amazed by its ancient beauty. This tannery has been here since medieval times and is one of the biggest in Africa. The tanners use natural ingredients like poppies, mint leaves, indigo plants,, and saffron to dye the chamois skins. You can see the hides drying on the roofs and even buy handmade products from the tanners. It’s a unique experience that shows you the traditional ways of Morocco and lets you feel a sense of freedom. Chouara Tannery is a must-visit place in Fez that will leave you in awe.

Sidi Moussa Tannery


Leaving Chouara Tannery, we headed to Sidi Moussa Tannery. This site is a must-see for anyone visiting Fez. The tannery has been around since the 11th century and still functions today as it did back then. It’s an interesting spectacle of traditional leatherworking that will leave you mesmerized!

At Sidi Moussa Tannery in Fez, Morocco, the tanners use natural ingredients like pigeon poop and cow urine to make the leather special. These ingredients help give the leather its unique colors and quality. This ancient process may seem unusual, but it’s crucial for producing Morocco’s most prized products.

When you visit Sidi Moussa Tannery, you’ll have the opportunity to observe this fascinating tradition up close. At Sidi Moussa Tannery in Fez, Morocco, there are special platforms where you can watch the artisans dye animal skins in big vats. They use dyes made from plants or minerals like saffron and poppy seeds. It’s interesting to see how they do it! Afterward, they hang the skins on clotheslines to dry in the sun. It’s amazing to see these skilled craftsmen create beautiful items using simple tools.

Ain Nokbi Tannery


Exploring Fez, Morocco is an amazing adventure! The medina has narrow alleys, busy markets, and a vibrant culture that’s full of charm. One fascinating place to visit in Fez is Ain Nokbi Tannery – it’s one of the oldest tanneries in Morocco that is still working today.

For thousands of years, the tanners at Ain Nokbi Tannery have been using a traditional process. The tanners at Ain Nokbi Tannery soak the animal hides in special pits filled with water mixed with natural ingredients. These are seabird droppings, lime, pomegranate juice, and poppies. These ingredients give the skins beautiful colors, and they turn them into fantastic leather goods such as bags, wallets,, and shoes.

When you visit Ain Nokbi Tannery, you can see how people have been making leather goods for centuries. The unique sights and smells in this part of Morocco will amaze you, and you’ll witness incredible craftsmanship. It’s a remarkable sight to see!

Zawiya Of Moulay Idris II


Let’s continue our adventure in the magical city of Fez, Morocco and visit the Zawiya of Moulay Idris II. Let’s explore the Zawiya of Moulay Idris II in Fez, Morocco. This special place honors Moulay Idris II, who was born in 890 AD. It’s a special place where people study religion and honor Muslim saints. Inside, you can explore the pretty courtyards, look at the lovely tile designs, and enjoy the view from the terraces where you can see the city.

Outside, the courtyard is so much filled with fragrant jasmine flowers and colorful mosaic tiles believed to bring good luck. Inside, there’s a stunning prayer hall with two ornate mihrabs – one for Friday prayers and another for weekend services. The library has old books about Islamic law, literature,, and philosophy, which can teach you about Moroccan history and culture. If you want to feel more connected to your inner self, there are special places where you can sit and think or relax. You can listen to talks given by local teachers and learn interesting things.

Visiting the Zawiya of Moulay Idris II is a fascinating experience. You can look at old books and cool things from the past. The place is then decorated and you can learn about how people in Morocco do things and what they believe in. It’s a place where you can feel a sense of peace and inspiration.

For travelers who want a unique cultural experience in Fez, a visit to the Zawiya of Moulay Idris II is amazing. You can admire artwork from centuries ago and take part in traditional rituals of devotion. This hidden gem offers something special among the many treasures found in this remarkable city.

Al-Attarine Madrasa


Don’t miss the chance to explore the Al-Attarine Madrasa in Fez, Morocco – it’s a must-see for anyone who loves the country’s rich culture. Almost 700 years ago, people built this school, and it remains one of the largest and best-preserved Islamic schools in the world. It’s so grand and beautiful, with over 50 decorated classrooms, two courtyards, and a stunning prayer hall. You’ll get a unique peek into Moroccan Architecture and culture.

Sultan Abu Sa’id Uthman II built the Al-Attarine Madrasa in 1325 AC to give all students a chance to learn, no matter where they come from. Over time, people have fixed the amazing tilework, fancy carvings, and elegant marble columns of the madrasa. Don’t forget to look at the special mihrab, a niche that points towards Mecca, standing above lots of lanterns on the walls.

This amazing building represents learning and education in the area. Today, it’s both a museum and a school for locals who study Islamic law and theology. For tourists, it’s a way to learn about traditional Moroccan design while enjoying awesome views of the busy streets of Fez below. Whether you like history or want to admire this special place, visiting the Al-Attarine Madrasa is worth it during your trip to Fez!

Bou Inania Madrasa


Bou Inania Madrasa is one of the most popular places to visit in Fez, Morocco. Sultan Abu Inan Faris built this Islamic school and theological college around 1350 to honor his father. The madrasa has a unique architecture that combines Moorish art with classic Moroccan design. It has beautiful courtyards adorned with intricate tilework. Two minarets in the building broadcast the call to prayer five times daily.

Visitors often feel amazed by the grandeur and beauty of Bou Inania Madrasa, making it a must-see for those exploring Fez. The beautiful artwork inside the madrasa grabs visitors’ attention and keeps them interested for hours.. Whether you’re passing through or have more time to spend in the city, make sure you don’t miss the spectacular Bou Inania Madrasa!

Dar Batha Museum


Next on the bucket list for a visit to Fez is Dar Batha Museum. Located in an old palace, this museum offers visitors an incredible look at Moroccan culture and history. It boasts over 10,000 pieces of art from all around Morocco – many of them with intricate details that make them unique. The collection includes traditional clothing, jewelry, carpets, pottery, weapons, and other artifacts. Visitors can explore the beautiful gardens outside the museum building.

Dar Batha Museum helps us understand how people in Morocco lived a long time ago. It has interesting displays that show us their customs and beliefs. There are rooms dedicated to Islamic arts as well as areas devoted to more modern works by contemporary artists such as Bashir al-Shababi. The museum has a library where visitors can find books about science and literature, besides to its cultural stuff. If you’re looking for something special during your time in Fes, make sure not to miss Dar Batha Museum!

Mellah (Jewish Quarter)


The Mellah, which is the Jewish quarter of Fez, is an amazing place. It feels like a dream come true and leaves you breathless. This part of the town has old buildings and cultural attractions like the Mellah synagogue and Jewish cemetery.

When you walk through the narrow streets with old buildings, it feels like you’ve traveled back in time. TThe doors feature beautiful designs made of blue-painted wood with touches of gold. It makes you feel like you’re in a royal place!

There are small shops selling things like carpets, spices, and jewelry. Each shop has something special for visitors. By walking down the streets, you can see how people lived in the past when traditions were important. It’s a unique experience that creates a special feeling and money cannot replace it.

Royal Palace Of Fez


In the heart of Fez, Morocco, there is a famous place called the Royal Palace of Fez. This magnificent building has been there for many years and shows us how luxurious and grand life was in the kingdom.

The palace has strong walls made of red clay bricks that is visible from far away. Inside, there are beautiful courtyards and gardens with colorful flowers and green plants. You can explore different parts of the palace, like fancy rooms, detailed mosaics,, and marble stairs. The palace grounds also have mosques that offer great views of the city below.

During the night, you can enjoy traditional Moorish music and amazing light shows projected on the palace walls. Whenever you visit this special place, its beauty and history will amaze you. There is a lot of exciting things to see and do at the Royal Palace of Fez. You can learn about the culture and architecture while enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds all around you. A trip to the Royal Palace of Fez will be an unforgettable adventure!

Nejjarine Museum Of Wooden Arts And Crafts


Outside the busy area of Fez’s Medina, you can find a very special place called the Nejjarine Museum of Wooden Arts and Crafts. Inside, visitors can witness the amazing woodwork that people treat so valuable for many years. The museum has many cool carved pieces, such as furniture and musical instruments, that will surprise even people who expect a lot.

When you enter, you’ll see colorful displays showing traditional Moroccan carpentry. There are inlaid tables, cedar trunks, stools,, and chests. You can see the tools that craftsmen used to make these masterpieces, which will give you an idea of how they created each item. As you explore further, you’ll find wooden music boxes made long ago but still sound beautiful today.

The Nejjarine Museum is an awesome place to see amazing craftwork and discover cool things about the local culture and history. It’s a perfect spot to visit if you want something different and unique during your time in Fez!

Borj Nord Arms Museum


Fez has lots of cool stuff for curious visitors. The the Nejjarine Museum has beautiful artifacts, and the Borj Nord Arms Museum is all about historical weapons and armor. The arms museum built by Moulay Ismail from 1671-1727 to keep his military collection safe. It has four towers with thick walls for protection.

At the Borj Nord Arms Museum, you can see displays that tell stories about Morocco’s past wars and battles. There are old swords, pistols, rifles,, and uniforms from those times. You can see decorations showing ancient army leaders and their troops. For example, one wall has carvings of brave riders on horses, and another has colorful tapestries showing battle scenes. It may seem a little gloomy, but it’s interesting to visit!

University Of Al Quaraouiyine


Fez, Morocco is a city full of culture and history. It’s home to the oldest university in the world, called the University of Al Quaraouiyine. Fatima al-Fihriya founded it in 859 AD, and it has taught many students over the years. The university is well-known for its Islamic studies program. Students there learn about the Quran, Fiqh (rules), Hadith (sayings of the Prophet), Arabic grammar, and logic.

The university has a big collection of books with over four thousand volumes from around the world. Visitors can explore the historic library and attend lectures at the university. Besides to religion, there are workshops where you can learn about Moroccan culture and traditions from people who know a lot about them.

Fez has lots of amazing things to discover, especially the University of Al Quaraouiyine! If you want a real adventure, this is the place to be. So come and explore this awesome educational institution and find out what makes it so special!

Dar El-Makhzen


Dar el-Makhzen is a famous palace in Fes, Morocco. It shows how powerful and grand the Makhzen dynasty was. The palace has been standing for many centuries and is one of the most amazing things to see in Fez. Sultan Mulay Ismail built it in the 16th century, and many rulers lived there. It got the nickname “Palace of Power” because it was close to important places like the big mosque, Qaraouiyne University, and Royal Palace. Inside, there are beautiful gardens with fountains and pools that make you feel like you’re in an oasis. You can also explore rooms with artworks from different times, which teach you about Moroccan culture and history. Dar el-Makhzen is not a reminder of the past but also as a symbol of timelessness. It keeps traditions alive while also being modern. If you want to feel true luxury, you should visit this historic palace in Fez.

Bou Jeloud Gardens


Don’t miss the chance to visit Bou Jeloud Gardens in Fez, Morocco. It’s a must-see place that will leave you amazed. These gardens are full of lush green plants and vibrant colors, making them a sight to remember. Bou Jeloud Gardens located outside the old city walls of Fes el Bali and offer a peaceful oasis in the midst of the busy city. When you’re there, you might even forget that you’re in one of the oldest cities in the world because of the beautiful surroundings.

The park itself is like a maze with winding paths and hidden treasures for curious explorers. As you explore the gardens, you’ll find pretty fountains, colorful flowers, tall trees, and peaceful ponds. They’re great for taking pictures or enjoying the nice surroundings. It’s a peaceful place where you can take a break from your everyday worries and get a taste of the local culture. Bou Jeloud Gardens are a wonderful spot to spend your time in Fez!

I can say that visiting Fez, Morocco is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From the vibrant colors of Bab Bou Jeloud Gate to the enchanting smell of Sidi Moussa Tannery, this city has something for everyone. At the University Al Quaraouiyine, I saw lots of history and culture that has been around for hundreds of years. But that’s not all – I also got to check out cool places like Dar el-Makhzen and the Borj Nord Arms Museum that are more modern and fascinating.

Plus, there’s nothing quite as peaceful as taking in the serenity of Bou Jeloud Gardens after a long day exploring every nook and cranny of Fez! The sheer beauty of this place transported me back into another era—it was magical. As someone who doesn’t often take risks or go outside my comfort zone, it felt so liberating to be able to do something new and exciting.

If you’re looking for an adventure filled with memorable moments, then put Fez on your bucket list today! You won’t regret making such an incredible journey; it’ll stay with you forever in your heart and soul. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags now and embark on an unforgettable trip that will leave you wanting more!

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